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About Helen

As an educator, and consultant specializing in dyslexia, Helen draws upon over 25 years of teaching experience and a lifetime passion for helping others.

​University was Inspiring

Helen graduated from Guelph University in 1985 with an Honours Degree in Child Studies, with an emphasis on exceptional children. The comprehensive program provided a strong base for her future educational career but she was most influenced by the teachings of Robert Munsch (her professor and the now celebrated children’s author) and his wife Ann. Helen learned from them the art of facilitating self discovery, the subtleties of communicating respect and compassion and the importance of treating children as unique individuals. These values became rooted in her teaching methods and later in her private practice, working with both children and adults.

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Teaching was rewarding, but something was missing

From university, Helen went on to teach in the public schools of Ontario for almost 20 years.  She was grateful for not only the teaching experience but also the knowledge she gained from hundreds of children, and their parents.  These experiences helped lay a strong foundation for her future private practice.


Helen’s last 10 years in the schools were spent focusing exclusively on special education. She developed several systems and programs catering to the individual needs of her students and constantly sought out new methods to improve her student’s success in school. Helen attended many workshops and conferences searching for an answer to why these bright, capable students were struggling and what to do about it. Feeling discouraged with seeing few gains and so much effort, she contemplated that perhaps there really wasn’t a better way.

The Light Bulb Moment

​It was however by chance that she discovered the Davis methods. At first it was a book, The Gift of Dyslexia, lying on a friend’s coffee table that peaked her curiosity, but speaking with friends who have dyslexia and a timely presentation in Toronto by the book’s author, Ronald Davis brought it all together. It was perhaps her own light bulb moment as she finally found answers to her questions. The Davis approach reflected an understanding of the underlying thought processes and learning style that her struggling students shared and she now understood that this was considered dyslexia. Aside from an understanding, there were answers to fix the problems, and break down the barriers to success. In fact, through this process she experienced some significant self discovery - she too shared this thinking style – which has allowed for an even deeper personal connection with her clients.

Fulfilling, effective and eager to educate

Since becoming licensed to work with the Davis methods and establishing Mind Over Dyslexia in 2003, Helen has had the pleasure of facilitating positive change in the lives of many children and adults from all walks of life.


One of Helen’s personal goals is to educate others and share this new perspective on dyslexia and learning in general. Her public interviews include a 30 minute segment on Global T.V.’s Body and Health show and two 1 hour guest spots on CHML radio. Helen has been invited to guest lecture for the Child Development Resource Connection in Peel Region, Private Education Forum, Living Arts Centre, the Toronto District School Board, as well as various Chapters locations in the Golden Horseshoe.

Professional services described as Davis™, Davis Dyslexia Correction®, Davis Symbol Mastery®, Davis Orientation Counseling®, and Davis Math Mastery® may only be provided by persons who are employed by a licensed Davis Specialist, or who are trained and licensed as Davis Facilitators by Davis Dyslexia Association International.

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