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George, 49 years old

In the past five days, I am reading a lot better - writing and spelling is also a lot better. My voice projection seems louder. I have an overall feeling of becoming more confident.

Meghan, 20 years old

The clay work really allowed me to understand some words more clearly. It gave me a picture to go with something that wasn't so easy to understand.

Ken, 27 years old

This week has changed my life. I have the confidence and the tools to be comfortable in any situation; knowing I can control the way I think, the way I act, the way I learn. I've changed into someone that can achieve all of his goals by having/knowing the tools.

Michael, 37 years old, entrepreneur

I’m able to relax and focus more. I can read the larger words. I was not able to break them down to figure them out. They were just a bunch of letters. I don’t have trouble with reversing letters anymore since I did them in clay. I feel more confident now.

Pat, 34 years old, mother of two

I can now stop the dizzy feeling in my head. In the past I’ve talked to my doctor about it and could only describe it to her as “feeling off”. This week I’ve learned that it’s being disoriented AND I can correct it! I can already see improvement in my disorganized way of tackling tasks. I am able to approach things in a more systematic manner and actually complete a job!

RJ Hill, 71 years old, retired teacher/writer

One of the great things about your coaching was the way you forgave me for mistakes and helped me put together many pieces of my life's puzzle. I believe you were the most helpful coach I ever had. You moved me beyond my fears.


Azira N., 34 years old, Accounting Specialist

The most important thing that I learned from the program is "being in control". I know how much I suffered in silence as a child and later as an adult. The Davis Program is an excellent program to help you with the orientation, concentration and focus. Helen is a great facilitator and the most amazing educator who made learning fun and easy for me. I will never be confused about "g" and "j" any more. English is my second language and I was thrilled to "master" sounds of the letters and the alphabet forwards and backwards in a very short period of time. Letters and sounds will never confuse me again. • Best of all is getting rid of my dizziness. After two weeks of training with focussing my dizziness disappeared!! I was never able to go for a roller coaster ride due to my dizziness, but guess what, I recently went on the largest roller coaster ride with four loops two times in a row, and felt no dizziness at all! This is just unbelievable! I am happy I can enjoy my childhood for the first time at this age! • I loved the way you taught me, I have never felt so comfortable learning in my entire educational life. Thanks Helen, Thanks Davis Program!


Heather, Marisa's mom, 7 years after her program

Things are going very well for Marisa. She is a big advocate of herself and her dyslexia but each year she grows and grows. Last week she was awarded a scholarship medallion (she is in grade 12 now!) for maintaining at least 80% in all 6 terms. Last year in her last term she had an 89% (with a 95 in photography!). I know it sounds like I am bragging-- but this is the same child who came home from Grade 5 in tears stating that she was stupid. [See Full Letter]

Jack, 13 years old

I'm motivated to read more and I plan to finish the book we started and read some more.

Derek, 14 years old - mother's comments 2-1/2 years after program

Our son struggled terribly with writing. The assignment of a single paragraph produced tears, procrastination and frustration. Derek was crashing into his own limitations: We needed to find a way to help him see that he really could find a way through, that he did have good and valuable ideas that were worthy of expression, and that expressive power was indeed available to him. He needed a different path than the school was able to provide. Helen's work with Derek provided just that path. After a week of Davis work, we could see him begin to regain hope and confidence. [See Full Letter]

Colin, 16 years old

I learned more about how my mind works and how to use it to my advantage.

Parker, 13 years old

The program helped me see how I think. The clay work shows me the meaning of a word in a 3-D image, just like the way I think.


Jessica, 18 years old

It has been 1 year since I did a program with Helen. I feel more confident with myself, especially at school. I know what I have to do to succeed and I can make it happen.

Cameron, 13 years old

Before I got here I wrote really awful. On the second afternoon I could write amazing! It was as good as my teacher’s writing or better. That day I also started cursive. My cursive writing was never readable – two days later my cursive writing is just as good as my uncle’s and as good as my mom’s. I highly recommend this program.

[See Cameron's Writing]

Ben, 17 years old

It's a lot easier for me to stay calm and not fidget and a lot easier to fall asleep and control my energy levels. Reading is also a lot easier. This week I'm reading more. I never really read much and now I'm reading books for pleasure.


Michela, 7-1/2 years old

I am much calmer now. I can now control my dial. I am so happy that my reading and writing is much better. My math is better too! But I'm just a kid, so I'm still learning! Thanks so much Helen.

Mike, Michela's dad

Michela is happier now, more in control and her self esteem has soared! Her reading level has jumped substantially in just a few months. In the past, she would avoid reading. At times, it was a battle to have her read. We love the fact that she now just picks up a book, magazine or flyer and reads on her own! Her printing and spelling have improved as well. But the most important point is that Michela sees her improvement and she is now much more confident. It is almost like the fog has lifted. [See Full Letter]

Gage, 9 years old

Now I'm able to spell words that I've never been able to spell...NEVER! When I read, words are starting to come out that have just been hibernating in my brain for the last six years. There is a big change in my writing - it's much neater.

Gage's mother, 3 months after the program

There was such an incredible difference in him after this one week program that I don't know where to begin! Not only has his reading reached a grade 3 level (within 2 months of the program), but his printing is better, his self esteem has improved, his whole person seems to be so much happier.

[See Full Letter]

Tristan, 10 years old

Now I know how to write neater, read harder books and get better at spelling and getting oriented. It was fun 'cause I got to play with clay!

S. M. , 9.5 years old

My 9.5 year old daughter has struggled with some learning disabilities including auditory processing and visual processing. Her printing has always been illegible, homework was a daily battle and her coordination was also very challenged. Even with an IEP and many other resources, she has struggled with lacking internal motivation to learn. Despite many types of tutoring and many different therapeutic approaches it has always felt like an uphill battle. Her self-esteem was suffering and her sense of mastery was very poor. Happily my husband found The Davis Method and we realized this was the missing piece. As I did some extensive research and looked at the symptoms of the dyslexic brain, I was astounded to discover that my daughter (who is a good reader) profoundly fit this description.  I interviewed many different facilitators and found that Helen was a beautiful fit for my daughter. She was able to help me understand why my daughter was experiencing so many challenges.

I believe that Helen’s extensive experience as a school teacher enhanced her ability to deliver this program. Her patient, gentle, positive and persistent approach was what kept my daughter engaged in daily on-line sessions.  She absolutely looked forward to her time with Helen.  After 2 days with Helen, my daughter’s printing became legible (a lovely side-effect)  – we couldn’t believe it!  It continues to be legible two months later.  Her coordination improved and her sense of mastery and ability to self-regulate increased dramatically. 

Working with clay for my daughter is the highlight of her day – she absolutely loves it. I feel as if we have been given the keys to unlocking the way her brain works and she feels that too. She can’t wait to share the tools she has learned with her teacher this year. We are excited to see how this will help her in school and with life.


Thank you Helen!


Nicolas, 9 years old - mother's comments 1 year after program

I am just so glad that your Correction program worked for Nicolas as he is reading so much better now. [See full letter]


Emma, 8 years old - excerpt from grade 4 speech

I have Dyslexia. Dyslexia means you are a picture thinker, you take mental pictures in your head. Some words like was, I cannot get a picture for it so it is hard for me to read. Many people think Dyslexia is a disability. I know my dyslexia is a gift because I can see things differently from others. [See Full Speech]


Nathan, 11 years old

I feel like I have more power over stuff... can correct reading. Now I can read articles about stuff I'm interested in. I got a new magazine yesterday, now I don't just look at the pictures, I can read it!

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